Who We Are

Heading Home Alliance’s mission is to create an effective and efficient homelessness response system through focused collaboration between the three Heading Home Alliance (HHA) partners.


  • The MN Tribal Collaborative
  • The 10 MN Continuums of Care   
  • State Agencies Funding Homeless Services

Collaboration is Focused on:

  1. Coordinating Resources
  2. Aligning Strategies
  3. Sharing Information

The Heading Home Alliance table is a place for sharing updates and news, having frank conversations about issues and influencing policy and funding decisions in furtherance of the mission.  The collaboration and coordination of the Partners is the core of the HHA work; however, the Partners recognize that they cannot, and should not, do this work alone.  Therefore, stakeholders in the homelessness response system – including advocates, intermediaries, and service providers – are welcome to actively participate in the Heading Home Alliance meetings to provide input and guidance.