Map of Isolation and Quarantine Capacity Gap

Isolation and quarantine needs estimated using 2019 HIC shelter beds and “Point-in-Time” PIT unsheltered counts.

Please alert your CoC coordinator about changes to isolation, quarantine, and shelter bed capacity.

Download this workbook to calculate estimated number of isolation and protections beds needed at a county/tribal level. The workbook automatically calculates using 2019 PIT data or available reservation data. If you have more up-to-date numbers in your community, you can enter that into the workbook and it will calculate the spaces needed from those numbers.

Staffing tool: This tool was developed to help local homeless service providers and county homeless leads estimate any additional staffing needed to respond to Covid-19. If a community is requesting state-level support with staffing, this information should be shared with their county Emergency Management lead so that they can submit a formal request to the State Emergency Operations Center via the WebEOC portal.

This map overlays the regions from Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Minnesota Department of Health Public Health Preparedness Consultants and Continuum of Care regions.