Funding Resources for COVID Response

Information in the section below is for those who have received funds from The Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO):

Reporting Requirements – Reporting Link is Live

Entities receiving ESP/CV and/or CRF-ESP funds must complete the following:

Provider/Project Details Report: Requirements for reporting data on services provided and individuals/households supported with these funds. (Reminder: Entities with established access to the Homelessness Management Information System are encouraged to enter participant level information for data management, tracking, and local coordination purposes.) Entities must submit their report electronically (an updated PDF of the questions is linked here for reference).

ONLY ONE REPORT WILL BE SUBMITTED FOR ALL COVID-19 RESPONSE FUNDING RECEIVED. The due date of the report depends on the time frame in which funds were utilized. Again, only ONE report is submitted per entity.

  • March 15th: Report deadline if COVID-19 Response Funds were expended for activities April 1, 2020-December 31, 2020.
  • August 15th: Report deadline if COVID-19 Response Funds were expended for activities April 1, 2020-June 30, 2021.  


Fiscal Reconciliation: Entities receiving COVID-19 Emergency Response Funds (ESP-CV and/or CRF-ESP) are expected to track all funds received and expenditure documentation for eligible expenses. If entities received both ESP-CV and CRF-ESP, the two funding streams must be tracked separately. A sampling of fund recipients will be selected for detailed fiscal monitoring. If selected, an OEO team member will reach out with full information on the process. ALL entities will be asked to report amount received and amount expended per funding category, per funding stream (ESP-CV and CRF-ESP) in the “Provider/Project Details Report” linked above.

Budget Revision

Recognizing providers’ needs continue to change in responding the COVID-19 crisis, entities who have received COVID-19 Emergency Services Response Funds can submit a budget revision to move funds received to different budget categories (shelter capacity, hygiene/sanitation and cleaning supplies, and staffing).

For example, if you received funds for PPE but obtained those items through different channels and need additional funds for motel vouchers, you are able to submit a budget revision form to move those dollars as necessary. Providers do not need to have spent down all budget categories before submitting a new survey request for additional dollars. If needs still exist for PPE (in the example above) AND additional funds are needed for motel vouchers, you can still submit a new survey for additional shelter capacity dollars.

PLEASE NOTE: Budget revisions can only be completed within the funding type (ESP-CV versus CRF-ESP) received. If you have received both ESP-CV AND CRF-ESP funds (indicated by your award/remittance notice), note that funds cannot be transferred across funding streams. For example, ESP-CV funds received for hygiene supplies cannot be moved to a CRF-ESP funded shelter capacity budget. A separate budget revision would need to be completed for ESP-CV and a separate budget revision for CRF-ESP.  

To complete a budget revision, complete this form and return to Katelyn Warburton (

Veterans Resources

$6.2 million in funding was allocated to the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs to provide financial assistance to Veterans who need assistance as a result of COVID-19. Check out this resource guide to learn more about the various programs and how to apply for funding.

Housing Support Rate Increase

Housing Support providers will be receiving more information through their county and tribal partners this week about the increase to room and board and standard supplemental service rates approved by the MN Legislature.  A 15% rate increase was approved for March, April, and May expenses.  Housing Support providers should start keeping track of their COVID-19 related expenses to ensure the health and safety of people they are serving.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Housing Support rate increase.

Federal CARES Act

CARES Act Eligibility and Recommended Uses for State and Local Jurisdictions (Completed by CSH)

Philanthropy Funding Opportunities

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has created a special edition of Minnesota Grants Directory with updated information on COVID-19 resources. Download a copy from their website.

Bush Foundation COVID-19 Resource Page

St. Paul and Minneapolis Foundation – Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund